Farmers' Market

( East Gippsland Farmers' Market )

Produce: Raspberries
About: Picnic Point Farm, located just on the western edge of Bairnsdale, is already well-known to many East Gippsland residents. Reg and Mary Baldwin have developed the apple orchard over the past twenty years, and although most of their apples are sent off to be waxed and packed for the supermarkets, selling locally gives them much more satisfaction - the apples are much fresher and have not lost flavour by going through the processing chain, and customers can really notice the difference!

Apples can be purchased direct from the orchard throughout the apple season, from February right up until September each year. Fresh raspberries are also a specialty, the season extending from December through until May, with some frozen ones available later in the year.

During the season, Picnic Point Farm will have Pink Lady apples, Red Fujis, Jonagolds, Royal Gals and Granny Smiths.

Fresh raspberries and strawberries are available during various times in the year.
- name: Reg & Mary Baldwin
- address: Drevermann Street, Bairnsdale. 3875
- phone: 03 5152 6206
- email:
- website:

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