Farmers' Market

( East Gippsland Farmers' Market )

Produce: Jams
About: The cottage industry of Bullumwaal Preserves is set on about eight acres and gets its name from the township of Bullumwaal, situated in a small valley some 27 kilometres north of Bairnsdale.

In the late 1800's, Bullumwaal was a thriving gold mining town, with a permanent population of about 1000 people and numerous businesses. As with many similar towns at the time, once the gold was exhausted, the population quickly diminished. Time and fires over the years have combined to reduce the township to just a few permanent buildings.

Most of the fruit used in our products is grown here and all items are manufactured on site. We have a small mixed orchard and a covered area for the berries to protect them from the birds. Any fruit or vegetable that we don't grow, we obtain from local growers where possible.

Our preserves are made in small batches, so that our product is as fresh as possible. We have local outlets in Bairnsdale as well as being at the Farmer's Markets.
- name: P. and S. Abell
- address: 2670 Bullamwaal Road, Bullamwaal, 3875
- phone: 03 5157 9232
- email:
- website:

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