Farmers' Market

( East Gippsland Farmers' Market )

Produce: Organic bread
About: Large range of organic bread

bakers at Hope Farm were inspired to make bread that was truly the staff of life. To create these breads we looked back to how bread was traditionally made. The two factors that we found vital in creating our breads was its simplicity of, only using organic flours and sea salt, and secondly the passion to hand mould and prepare all our breads.

To only use organic flour and sea salt the dough had to mature slowly using a ancient sour dough process with a 24 hour fermentation process. This gives an enhanced flavour and taste of traditionally made European breads. We hope you enjoy the culinary experience of tasting the range of Hope Farm's organic sour dough breads.
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- address: PO Box 297, Neerim South, Victoria
- phone: 03 5628 1035 fax 03 5628 1193
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